2019 BMW Motorrad sales increase by 5.8% worldwide

2019 BMW Motorrad sales increase by 5.8% worldwide


2019 has been another banner year for BMW Motorrad with a sales increase of 5.8% over 2018. Last year, BMW Motorrad sold a total of 175,162 motorcycles across all displacements, compared to 165,566 reported sales in 2018.

This is the ninth year BMW Motorrad has recorded a sales increase putting the Munich firm on track to achieving its stated goal of selling 200,000 motorcycles by the year 2020. In spite of a shrinking global market, sales for BMW Motorrad were driven by its best seller, the iconic GS and GSA, with over 59,000 units sold of the R1250 GS and R1250 GSA including carry-over of the previous generation R1200 GS and GSA.

As is to be expected, BMW Motorrad’s home turf of Germany recorded the highest number of sales, with 26,292 BMW two-wheelers sold, an increase of 10.4%. France followed with 17,300 units, then Italy and Spain with 15,580 and 12,607 motorcycles sold respectively, followed by Great Britain and Ireland with 9,611 units.

In Asia, BMW Motorrad sold 8,818 motorcycles and scooters in China, compared to 7,561 units the previous year, an increase of 16.6%. Meanwhile, Brazil recorded an impressive sales growth of 36.7% with 10,064 motorrads sold, moving Brazil into the top 6 of BMW Motorrad’s list in terms of motorcycles sold.

While the world awaits the launch of BMW Motorrad’s Concept R 18, expected to hit the market in the second half of 2020, sales for BMW Motorrad were also driven by an uptick in numbers for its middleweight range, notably the F850 and F750, with over 29,000 delivered to customers worldwide. Also coming up soon will be the BMW Motorrad F900 R and F900 XR middleweights, and a revised and revamped S1000 XR, perhaps the most under-rated bike in BMW Motorrad’s catalogue.

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