Malaysian lady rider Anita Yusof sets off on second Global Dream Ride – 7 continents, 70 countries

Malaysian lady rider Anita Yusof sets off on second Global Dream Ride – 7 continents, 70 countries


When most people enter retirement, thoughts turn to a well earned rest, indulging in golf or fishing, maybe a holiday with the spouse or time with the grandchildren but Malaysian lady rider, solo motorcycle adventurer and Givi brand ambassador Anita Yusof is doing things a little differently. Opting for early retirement from her sports science lecturer job, Anita will set off on the second version of her Global Dream Ride in November, starting from South Africa.

Anita’s plan is to visit all seven continents, including a visit to Antartica, and pass through 70 countries. Not content with the usual ‘snap photo and go’ type travel, Anita plans to spend time with communities in each country, notably with the less privileged.

This came about after her last trip to South Africa, where she travelled around the country and was struck by the disparity between rich and poor. Of note was something she noticed there, where the women folk had to walk long distances to carry water for cleaning and cooking, while the men played chess and smoked cigarettes in the shade of a tree.

Beginning in Cape Town, Anita will ride her Yamaha FZ150i – named “Mr GD” or “Global Dreamer” – up the continent of Africa to Cairo. She will then ride into Saudi Arabia, performing her umrah in the holy city of Mecca, before proceeding to Europe and then onwards to the Americas before heading to Australia and returning to Malaysia via Indonesia.

Her trip is self-funded, including the Antartica leg which is expected to cost some USD 10,000 (RM42,000). While she has not set any time table for completion of her second Global Dream Ride, Anita thinks the entire trip will take between two to five years.

Anita is not expecting any public contributions for the trip but rather is raising funds through the sale of her second book, “Global Dream Ride (Episode 2)”, with a portion of the proceeds going to help under privileged children in the countries she visits. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, Anita can be contacted directly via her Facebook page.

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