Volvo Cars and POC helmets develop world's first car-bicycle helmet crash test

Volvo Cars and POC helmets develop world's first car-bicycle helmet crash test


Known for its efforts in advancing car safety through engineering and design, Volvo Cars has teamed up with POC Helmets of Sweden to develop the world’s first car-bicycle helmet crash test. This research project builds on Volvo’s cyclist detection saefty feature and aims to avoid collisions between cars and cyclists completely.

The Volvo-POC project comprises of specially designed crash tests conducted at the Volvo Cars safety research facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden. Using crash test dummy heads wearing POC bicycle helmets as an analogue for the human cyclist, researchers perform impact tests by launching the dummy at various angles and speeds towards a static car.

Based on current safety regulations for bicycle helmets, the Volvo-POC collaboration takes testing a step further. Current safety testing for bicycle helmets only require helmets being dropped from different heights on either a flat or angled surface, and do not take into account vehicle to bicycle accidents.

Findings from the testing will be used to make POC helmets safer in the event of a collision, while Volvo will be using the data to improve future vehicle design to reduce injury. “This project with POC is a good example of our pioneering spirit in safety,” said Malin Ekholm, head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre.

Volvo currently provides collision prevention technology in the form of pedestrian detection with full autobrake and cyclist detection with full auto brake, which debuted in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Volvo and POC had earlier worked on a project to connect bike helmets with cars in order to help avoid accidents.
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