2019 Frankfurt Motor Show: Continental Showcases Autonomous Robo-Taxi

2019 Frankfurt Motor Show: Continental Showcases Autonomous Robo-Taxi


Continental, together with the French company EasyMile, have come up with a driverless Robo-Taxi. The Robo-Taxi CUbE is a Continental development platform for driverless vehicles technologies based on the EZ10 shuttle and driverless software from EasyMile. The Robo-Taxi drives independently while a safety operator on board monitors the driving systems during the demonstration drives. The technology for autonomous vehicles, which Continental and EasyMile use in the CUbE, is ready for series production and is already in use in countries such as the USA, Japan, China, Singapore and Germany. It is currently being used in several pilot projects on manageable, public routes as well as in demarcated areas at company sites, university campuses or trade fair grounds. In just a few years, however, self-driving Robo-Taxis could become an important addition to existing mobility systems because they are environmentally friendly, flexible, safe and thus suitable for numerous transportation tasks.

The vehicle is equipped with laser sensors, cameras and radar sensors. In this way, the location can be determined precisely and at the same time obstacles and potentially critical situations can be identified in good time. Proven products from high-volume passenger car production are intelligently integrated and modified, making them suitable for a completely new type of mobility.

With Robo-Taxis, Continental is looking at an emission-free transport which will help pick or drop people which will considerably reduces the need for infrastructure. Continental feels that with Robo-Taxis the visit to the doctor or the trip to the nearest shopping center is easy and comfortable. In addition, these vehicles could easily deliver stuff to people’s doorstep.

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