2020 Toyota Yaris GR-4 teased with all-wheel drive

2020 Toyota Yaris GR-4 teased with all-wheel drive


The Toyota Yaris GR-4 was originally meant to make its global debut at the season-closing Rally Australia but due to unforeseen circumstances, the reveal had to be postponed. While a new launch date has yet to be given, the company isn’t sitting around doing nothing, and has released another teaser of the hot hatch, indicating that it is “coming soon.”

Posted on the Toyota Gazoo Racing YouTube page is a brief video showing a camouflaged Yaris GR-4 being driven by the current president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, who is also known by his racing nickname – Morizo.

The prototype seen here is a pre-production version with hints of the race-going Yaris WRC, similar to the GR Supra Racing Concept that appeared prior to the debut of the road-going version. This is due to the noise emitted by the (likely) straight-piped exhaust, raised ground clearance as well as rally-style tyres and wheels.

Seeing how prior test cars that took to the Nurburgring weren’t fitted with such items, it’s safe to assume that the final production model will be without them as well. However, the most important takeaway from the video is the confirmation that the production Yaris GR-4 will indeed come with all-wheel drive, seeing how all four wheels spun when Morizo launched the car.

This makes the Toyota hot hatch a proper, rally-inspired machine, differentiating it from competitors like the Ford Fiesta ST, which is only front-wheel drive unlike the actual Fiesta WRC. In the past, Toyota applied GT4 and GT-Four badges on rally-inspired Toyota road cars with all-wheel drive, and it looks like the tradition continues with the new Yaris GR-4.

What remains a mystery is the engine and transmission linked to the Yaris GR-4’s all-wheel drive system, but we do know the car is based on the latest, TNGA-based Yaris, which made its debut in October this year, albeit with revised bodywork that includes larger fenders.

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