2022 Toyota Tundra Interior Details Spied For The First Time

2022 Toyota Tundra Interior Details Spied For The First Time


Finally, a taste of what to expect behind the wheel.

The Toyota Tundra is all-new for the 2022 model year. The truck isn’t fully revealed just yet, but with all the spy shots, the leaked photos, Toyota’s single official exterior photo, and the automaker’s seemingly endless teaser campaign, it feels like it’s been among us for decades. Today we have yet another piece of the puzzle but this time around, it truly is something we haven’t seen before. Behold the new Tundra’s interior.

That’s to say, behold part of the Tundra’s interior. A fresh set of Tundra spy shots just hit our inbox, and a few of them catch portions of the dash uncovered for all to see. This is significant, because it shows us something a bit different compared to Toyota’s recent interior teaser. That image (below left) featured a central infotainment screen reaching above the dash, whereas the recent spy photo (below right) clearly shows a much smaller screen firmly positioned in the dash. As such, we believe this is a lower or middle trim level Tundra versus higher-end models that Toyota’s been teasing.

The spy shots also appear to show a standard instrument cluster instead of a fully digital setup, though the angle of the images makes it difficult to tell for sure. We see plenty of buttons in the center stack under the display, so those hoping for a minimalistic look will be quite disappointed. For that matter, broad vents and big geometric shapes on the dash mimic similar design trends from Detroit automakers, so Toyota seems content to blend with the crowd when it comes to interior aesthetics.

Gallery: 2022 Toyota Tundra Interior Spy Photos

Curiously, the interior spy shots come with a set of exterior images showing two fully camouflaged trucks. It’s curious because Toyota already revealed the new Tundra’s exterior style weeks ago, though admittedly that image was a frontal view of a beefy TRD model. Other Tundra trims will likely have features of their own, and we still haven’t officially seen the Tundra from the back. Yes, much has been revealed, but there’s still much more to go.

When will all of the covers finally come off? Toyota is still cagey about a specific time but we know it will happen this year at some point. With everything that’s already out there on the Tundra, we think Toyota would be well advised to get a move on and make it official.



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