A 2,000-HP Altima Sedan Headlines Nissan’s SEMA Builds

A 2,000-HP Altima Sedan Headlines Nissan’s SEMA Builds


Nissan is set to make a return to Las Vegas for the SEMA super show happening this week, and it is bringing lots of eye candy. Of course, the new 2023 Nissan Z sports car will be in attendance and will likely serve as a huge talking point among show attendees. But Nissan also will have modified vehicles spanning the off-road, drifting, and restomod realms—and we’ve got a sneak peek of them all to share with you.

Off The Grid

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re likely aware that the off-road adventure and overlanding movements are wildly popular. At a time when personal technology rests in the palm of your hand, it seems that many relish in the idea of getting away from it all and enjoying a little nature—especially in a vehicle of some kind. Nissan hopes to capitalize on the fast-moving lifestyle market, and it has a pair of demo vehicles poised to showcase in front of the thousands that attend next week’s SEMA event.

The first is the Project Overland Pathfinder, which gives Nissan’s three-row family SUV a whole new look thanks to a 2.0-inch suspension lift with custom Bilstein monotube shocks and 18-inch NISMO Off Road wheels wrapped in Maxxis RAZR AT tires. Up above, a NISMO Off Road expedition roof rack offers a basis for increased storage capacity and serves as a mounting point for a row of 6.0-inch driving lights. A custom front bumper guard supports Rigid 4.0-inch D-Series driving lamps, while rock rails and a hitch are on board for assistance. When it’s time to rest, an Egoe Nestbox Camper Conversion Kit complete with camp kitchen and sleeping platform is also available.

A New Frontier

While the Overland Pathfinder seems plenty capable, this 2022 Frontier pickup takes things up a few notches. The NISMO Off Road Performance Suspension Kit bumps the ride height up a few inches and uses SPC front upper control arms with xAxis sealed flex joints to offer greater suspension travel. In the rear, remote shock body reservoirs mean business, offering better damping characteristic and increased fade resistance. There are 17-inch NISMO Off Road AXIS wheels and mud-terrain Maxxis RAZR tires at all four corners.

The Frontier’s front bumper gets the NISMO treatment with 4.0-inch driving lamps as well as a bed rack and rooftop tent setup. Front Runner’s Slimline II roof rack and jack mount, which supports its Hi-Lift X-Treme lightweight jack, is also at play. Peek into the bed and you’ll spot TruckVault all-weather bed drawer system for valuables, and an ARB Elements fridge for cans full of perhaps even greater value.

The off-road push is something Nissan seems to be attacking full force, and it only makes sense, given the success that Toyota has found with its loyal off-road loving fan base with new versions of the Tacoma pickup and 4Runner SUV. The parts used on these two demo vehicles adds to an ever-expanding list of NISMO goods that’ll you’ll be able to pick up at your local dealer or via the NISMO parts website by early 2022.

Han Is Alive?!

There’s absolutely no doubt that one of the original characters from those Fast and Furious movies, Han (played by Sung Kang) is truly a dedicated car enthusiast both on-screen and off. Kang gained some additional fame beyond that blockbuster movie franchise when his FuguZ project debuted at SEMA about six years ago. This year, Nissan will host another Z Kang’s been working on, and this example takes on a different approach entirely.

Working with legendary tuner and drag racer Eric Aguilar of Erick’s Racing, this 1971 240Z, codenamed “DocZ,” was found with faded East African Safari Rally homage livery and in a general state of disarray. The car was completely torn down and resurrected, this time with a stroked L24 engine, refreshed suspension and brakes, and period correct Nanakorobi Yaoki wheels. Of course, the body was painstakingly restored and required a whole new roof and several panels. If you see the car in person and look closely, you can spot the ghosted koi fish painted on the body by Coastline Autosport.

Altimate Altima?

You hear the descriptor “the world’s most insane Nissan Altima,” and you probably aren’t conjuring up any wild ideas. How crazy could a midsize Nissan sedan get? And that’s exactly why Formula Drift Champ Chris Forsberg is catching so many people by surprise with the “Altimaniac.”

Now, this car isn’t designed for competition, but rather as a demo vehicle for Forsberg to scare the hell out of up to three passengers at a time whenever he sees fit. That’s right, it’s a proper four-seater, but in reality, one that only lives inside of an Altima body, as the chassis has been rebuilt in tube form and it’s now rear-wheel drive. To make this the most powerful Nissan sedan around, Forsberg turned to the VR38 gurus at T1 Race Development to work their magic. The twin-turbo V-6 puts out an brutal 2,000 hp through an RTS 6XD sequential transmission and the custom suspension is fully adjustable.

Catch this group and more in the Nissan booth located in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during SEMA’s November 2-5 event.

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