Acura Precision EV Concept Hints at Future EVs Covered In Dynamic Lights

Acura Precision EV Concept Hints at Future EVs Covered In Dynamic Lights


No Acura today is electric, though a few are electrified—namely the NSX hybrid supercar, which is on its way out the door. It will most likely be replaced by an all-electric sports car in the future, but what might that car and every other electric Acura look like? The new Acura Precision EV concept SUV is the closest thing to a preview, at least until concepts previewing individual electric Acuras begin cropping up in the coming years.

It Kinda, Sorta Previews the GM-Based Acura EV SUV

While it’d be easy to jump to the conclusion that this Precision EV concept will become the promised electric Acura SUV that’ll share its GM-sourced Ultium architecture with the forthcoming Honda Prologue, not so fast. Honda is known for showing “concepts” that are nearly production-ready examples of upcoming models; this isn’t quite one of those direct snapshots. Inasmuch the Precision EV previews that model, it does so tangentially, just as it previews all future Acura EVs. Per the automaker, “The Acura Precision EV Concept is a design study that will shape the direction of future Acura products in the electrified era including our first all-electric SUV in 2024.”


What Acura is showing here instead is, in a nutshell, how it plans to tackle “the grille issue” that’s common among established automakers attempting to adapt their current design languages to electric cars. For the past century or so, car designers have leveraged grille shapes, slats, and the like (along with other key components such as headlights) to create the literal faces of different car brands. Every car with an engine requires an opening somewhere to shovel air over and into said engine, after all. Electric cars, meanwhile, still need cooling airflow over components, but that air needn’t enter explicitly through the vehicle’s nose. A more closed-off schnoz, of course, aids range-conscious engineers in their quest for slipperier aerodynamics, while erasing a styling focal point from designers’ arsenal.

Acura Makes Light Work of the Grille

The solution Acura’s designers have come up with for that pesky grille issue? Lights! The Precision EV concept generally hews to Acura’s current design theme, with slim headlights, clean surfacing, and a sporty stance—but where the pentagonal grille on today’s Integra, MDX, RDX, and TLX lives there is… a pentagonal area. (Those vehicles, by the way, were all previewed by the last Precision concept from 2016.) This familiar outline is closed off, though—and rather than utilizing a black-plastic dummy grille like BMW employs on its iX SUV and i4 hatchback, Acura stuffs the Precision EV’s pentagonal snoot with LEDs. Acura dubs it a “theatrical lighting approach” using “particle glitch” styled lighting.

Essentially, color-shifting fragments form the general shape of Acura’s diamond pentagonal grille, as well as the broad-strokes outlines of various internal-combustion-vehicle-standard addenda such as bumper intakes and other styling cues. It’s an interesting way of delineating that this smooth-surfaced, squinty eyed SUV is, in fact, an Acura. After all, the overall profile of the vehicle is otherwise fairly standard stuff; heck, this could be the next-generation MDX family SUV, so conventional is its shape. The 23-inch wheels might be a stretch, though the eventual production Acura EV SUV does share its Ultium platform with GM, which offers its similarly sized products with fairly huge rims, so don’t count those out.

The Rest

Acura isn’t talking much about the concept’s powertrain—other than to say it is, theoretically, electric—but again, that’s not really the point of this styling exercise. In keeping with the general theme of previewing the interactive and visual aspects of future Acuras, the automaker does outline two drive modes of sorts: Instinctive Drive and Spiritual Lounge. The former bathes the cabin with red ambient lighting, sportier instrumentation on the dashboard, and, presumably, primes the electric powertrain for maximum attack. The Spiritual Lounge deal aims for a calming vibe, delivering “soothing scents and restful ‘under water’ animated projection.” The cabin is fanciful enough to support those mood-like modes, what with its steering yoke, floating central display, and copious ambient lighting.


Overall the Precision EV concept’s precise lighting blends well with Acura’s athletic styling, which bodes well for the brand’s evolution to an electrified future lineup. Unlike the steering yoke and translucent screens inside, the exterior lighting array looks vaguely production-feasible. Just takes some precision manufacturing, of course…

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