Almost 700 drivers caught speeding by newly installed camera in first week

Almost 700 drivers caught speeding by newly installed camera in first week


Jeremy Vine overtaken by speeding car whilst riding his bike

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The camera which was installed on the A394 in Cornwall monitors traffic which is meant to keep to a 30mph limit. It was funded by the Vision Zero South West road safety partnership, of which Devon And Cornwall police is a member.

Superintendent Adrian Leisk said that excessive speed is a factor in many collisions and welcomed the new camera.

He said: “Cameras such as these not only enable us to prosecute those driving at dangerously high speeds, but, importantly, allow us to refer the vast majority into driver education training.

“This is offered as an alternative to prosecution because we know it changes behaviour and reduces the risk of an offender subsequently being involved in a collision.”

The stated aim of the road safety group is ambitious, with hopes to stop all fatal and serious road collisions by 2040.

The group, which also encompasses National Highways and Cornwall council, said that 44 people were killed and 624 seriously injured on Devon and Cornwall’s roads in 2020, the BBC reported.

Of 681 drivers caught by the new camera, which went live in the second week of February, five were referred to court, 72 received a conditional offer of a fixed penalty and points on their licence, and 604 were given the option of a driver awareness course, the partnership said.

Philip Desmonde, Cornwall Council’s portfolio holder for transport, added: “Speed limits are in place for a good reason. Sadly, too many people are injured on Cornwall’s roads.

“These cameras are a valuable tool in educating drivers to slow down.”

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The minimum fine for speeding in the UK is £100 and three points on a licence.

If a driver builds up 12 points or more in a three year period they can be banned from driving.

Within 14 days of being caught speeding, the driver is sent a notice of prosecution and a ‘Section 172’ notice.

That notice has to be sent back to the police within 28 days to inform them who was driving the car.

After that the driver will then either be sent a fixed penalty notice, or a court summons.

If stopped by the police for speeding, they may let the driver off with a caution, issue a fixed penalty notice or order the driver to attend court.

If pleading guilty to a fixed penalty notice, aside from the fine and licence points, a code will be applied to the licence which remains on it for four years.

However one alternative may be offered, which is to take a speed awareness course, as long as one hasn’t already been attended in the past three years.

If pleading not guilty to the fixed penalty charge, the only option is a court date.

If the court finds guilty then additional fines and extra points can be applied.

The maximum fine is £2,500 if speeding on a motorway and will be worked out as a percentage of the driver’s salary.

A disqualification is also a possibility at that point.

New drivers are more at risk as anyone within two years of passing their test that gets six points will have their licence removed for six months.

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