Behind the new national car – just who is DreamEdge?

Behind the new national car – just who is DreamEdge?


Earlier today, the government announced that the development of the new national car would be led by DreamEdge, a Malaysian digital engineering services and consultancy company. We take a closer look at the company, which hasn’t really been in the public eye until now.

For starters, it’s not a new entity. Led by CEO Khairil Adri Adnan, DreamEdge was incorporated in March 2007 with just five employees, all engineers, it now employs more than 150 people.

Since its inception, the Cyberjaya-based company has gained a wide portfolio, involving itself in the oil & gas, rail, ship-building, healthcare and automotive industries, offering services ranging from modeling and analysis in computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) to product design/development in a broad spectrum of areas.

From an automotive perspective, the company says that it has, among other things, been involved in turnkey projects in new vehicle development, which involves design, prototype development and developing systems for mass production.

Aside from the automotive sector, the Tier 1-rated company has been involved in rolling stock (monorail and MRT) development and ship-building/ship design, the last with Boustead Heavy Industries.

In 2013, we reported on a Zero-Emission Transport EV eight-passenger shuttle prototype the company was working on. Other concepts that followed included a ZET Low Speed EV, a four-seater all-electric vehicle and a ZET three-wheeler.

In more recent times, the company has been primarily in the news through activities from its TuneD division, which first showed a kitted-up Preve at 2013 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS). In May 2017, the outfit premiered its first commercial range of aftermarket bodykits and exclusive packages designed specifically for three Proton models, the Saga, Persona and Preve.

Despite its local roots, DreamEdge has a strong association with Japan, where it provides technical expertise to a number of clients. It has also previously been linked with Nissan.

According to an Economic Transformation Report published in 2012, the company was reportedly engaged in a strategic collaboration with Nissan as well as with Tokyo R&D Japan, an automotive development services and consultancy company, with which it engages in motorsports-based R&D. While it is not known if the working relationship with Nissan is still in effect, that with Tokyo R&D is listed in its current corporate profile.

The company has a number of facilities located across the country – its R&D Digital Design Centre is located at the Cyberjaya headquarters, while its Additive Manufacturing & Prototyping Centre is housed in AutoVille Cyberjaya. There is also an Innovation & Technology Centre located within SIRIM’s premises in Bukit Jalil and a Digital Engineering Design Centre in Taiping. Additionally, it has an R&D office located at Shibuya in Tokyo.

At today’s announcement of DreamEdge’s appointment as the lead for the new national car, it was revealed that bidding talks with the government for the project began six months ago. The story isn’t complete without mention of two other names that were looking for association with the project – Alam Perkasa and Elenvi.

Interestingly, we were told by inside sources that both companies, while publicly stating their capabilities and willingness to undertake the project, did not make any overtures to approach MITI. Two companies were apparently shortlisted by the government for the new national car. We now know one, but the identity of the other remains a mystery.

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