Big SUVs are most likely to last 300K miles

Big SUVs are most likely to last 300K miles


Giant SUVs are less likely to go extinct than sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles, according to the results of a study conducted released Monday by

Only six vehicles in the study were likely to last at least 300,000 miles. The odds of any new vehicle making it that far into triple digits—that’s the distance to the moon and nearly a third of the way home—is just 0.1 percent. 

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In first place is the Ford Expedition, which took over for the Ford Excursion that previously to top the study’s results. The list goes on to name the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Tundra as the top five.

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Notably, Toyota is the only brand to have a mid-size pickup, full-size pickup, and a mid-size SUV. The other high-mile vehicles are far larger SUV models. Each of the vehicles has a 0.2 percent chance of cracking over 300,000 miles on their odometers, the study found.

The study looked back through 13.8 million pre-owned cars sold in 2018 from model years 1981 through 2018. Any vehicle no longer in production as of the 2018 model year was not included. Further, heavy-duty trucks and low-volume models sold in very limited numbers were excluded from data collection.

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