BMW M confirms new standalone M model, due 2021?

BMW M confirms new standalone M model, due 2021?


BMW may be planning to develop a standalone M model, and according to a report by Auto Express, the car could arrive as early as 2021. BMW M boss Markus Flasch told the publication: “I can think of doing standalone M cars – I like the idea and I think we’re going to do something in this direction.”

The Vision M Next concept pictured above could be a likely candidate, but Flasch wouldn’t commit to the idea simply due to its mid-engined layout. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mid-engined supercar, but definitely it has to stand out from the crowd.” Sources within BMW put the launch date sometime in 2021.

Flasch remains tight-lipped about the project and its propulsion technology, but he hinted that it may feature some form of electrification. “BMW M has never been dogmatic about any particular technology – electrification is not rocket science and it’s not the game changer that people think it’s an easy answer to every question.”

Will the standalone M car be the successor to the legendary M1?

“There won’t be a point of time when we turn all vehicles to this or that technology, we will live for a very long time with a variety of powertrains depending on the market and the segment,” he opined. “We will bring electrified propulsion systems as soon as they’re better than the predecessor – that’s the first rule – we don’t have to be the first, we have to be the best,” said Flasch.

While Flasch continues to be non-committal about the Vision M Next being the standalone M car, new BMW design boss Damagoj Dukec was very positive about the look and proportion of it, and said the concept could make it through to production.

Speaking at the LA show, Dukec said: “We have a heritage of bringing art cars and race cars together with M. I am convinced that this [Vision M Next] is the right way. BMW deserves to be ahead in terms of brand identity. What we did with the M Next, it’s a complete different approach in terms of communication and the artwork around the car.”

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