Bold RV Driver Enters Race Track During Red Flag, Gets Arrested

Bold RV Driver Enters Race Track During Red Flag, Gets Arrested


Just because the race cars stop doesn’t mean your motorhome can go.

It’s certainly not rare to see motorhomes at race tracks. The ideal weekend for many racing fans is to load up the ol’ RV with food and adult beverages, park at the track, and revel in the sights and sounds of horsepower for a couple of days. As you might guess, the key word in that previous sentence is park at the track as opposed to, say, driving on it.

Parking the RV apparently wasn’t enough for one fan this past weekend at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. Practice sessions for the Northeast Grand Prix were taking place on July 16 when heavy rain brought out the red flags, bringing that practice session to a temporary halt. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, the driver of this snazzy-looking motorhome decided that was a good time to cruise the track. Was it a bold move to grab some fun laps while the cars were stopped? Did the driver just decide it was time to leave and wanted a shortcut?

We don’t know, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because entering a race track for any unauthorized reason is a major no-no, red flag or otherwise. That’s especially true when a ginormous motorhome is involved, as the weight of a large vehicle can sometimes present problems for tracks. In this case, the motorhome apparently was lapping the track in reverse and even though a red flag was out for rain, that doesn’t mean safety vehicles weren’t in use.

In any case, the driver of this wayward RV didn’t get far. According to Sportscar365, track officials surrounded and stopped the motorhome very quickly, and the driver was reportedly arrested for reckless endangerment. A Twitter post from John Dagys of Sportscar365 catches the offending RV parked at a state police location so yeah, we suspect this race weekend vacation did not end well.


Sportscar365 via The Drive, Mike Sweeney via Instagram

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