Calls for cyclists to pay ‘road tax’ in response to upcoming Highway Code changes

Calls for cyclists to pay ‘road tax’ in response to upcoming Highway Code changes


Police officer and cyclist argue over highway code

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Last month, it was announced changes to the Highway Code would strengthen the priority of walkers and cyclists over motorists. Pedestrians currently have priority over cars only if they are already crossing a road into which a car is turning.

The updated code would prioritise pedestrians who were waiting to cross, mandating vehicles stop to let them cross.

The proposed changes are intended to promote walking and cycling by making life on the road safer for them.

In a public consultation, some respondents voiced concerns some of the rule changes could actually increase risks in some circumstances.

They believed cyclists and pedestrians could potentially take greater risks when drivers are turning left or want to cross the road.

One social media user called for new laws to be brought in to address those concerns.

The tweet read: “If Boris (wants) to rewrite Highway code to favour cyclists fine, BUT law must mirror their responsibility on the road and other road tax paying motorists safety.

They ended the tweet by saying: “HELMETS MUST BE MANDATORY!!”

This tweet spawned a lot of controversy with many downplaying the idea.


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Another Twitter user said: “Those who pose the greatest risk should be charged with the greatest responsibility. 

“And the HWC is being changed to reflect that.

“Road tax was abolished in 1937. Roads are funded from general taxation and local rates.”

They ended the tweet by asking: “Do you wear a car helmet?”

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