Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With 'Jet Fighter-Like Performance'

Candela Seven: Electric Hydrofoil Boat With 'Jet Fighter-Like Performance'


It’s a “flying electric boat”… silent by the way.

Candela Speedboat from Sweden this month released a 37-minute video from a test ride of its first all-electric hydrofoil electric boat, which is described as the first with decent range and speed.

This “flying electric boat” has a range of 92 km/57 miles (50 nautical miles) at 20 knots (37 km/h / 23 mph), having a battery of 40 kWh. That’s a great result compared to planing boats, which consume a lot more energy (up to 80%, according to Candela).

The special feature of the hydrofoil boats is their smooth ride above the waves.

“Much like in a jet fighter, Candela Seven’s sensors and on-board computers ensure a rock steady ride in virtually all conditions. In the video, the Candela barely quivers as the driver repeatedly zigzags through big waves from a cruise ship.”

“–The key to long electric range in boats is to reduce the friction from the water. The only way to achieve a decent range with batteries is to use hydrofoils. That’s how we get three times the range of conventional electric boats, even with a smaller battery pack, says Mikael Mahlberg, Communications manager at Candela speedboat.”

Let’s start with three shorter, promotional videos before we jump to the full-length demonstrations:

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Candela Seven specs:

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