Car insurance – Millions drivers committing offences which could instantly invalidate cove

Car insurance – Millions drivers committing offences which could instantly invalidate cove


Millions of motorists are making error which would invalidate their car insurance, leaving them unprotected in the event of a claim. According to new research, almost a quarter of drivers and homeowners are knowingly voiding their insurance. The MoneySuperMarket data found that 24 per cent of drivers in Britain are leaving their pet unrestrained in their vehicle, despite almost one in 10 (seven per cent) knowing that it can void terms of insurance policy. Homeowners are also leaving their home unsecured putting their property at risk.

Despite 13 per cent of homeowners are aware that leaving a window open when they’re out can void their cover, two fifths (41 per cent) of drivers are leaving their home unsecured.

There are a number of other ways in which motorists are taking a risk with their car insurance.

They include changing jobs without notifying their insurer (which 23 per cent have done previously) and having an accident and not informing their insurer (18 per cent).

Letting others drive their car without the proper insurance (15 per cent) and failing to update the address on their policy details (14 per cent) are other ways to see your cover instantly invalidated.

Drivers also admitted to charging others for lifts (13 per cent) which is illegal and can see you and hefty punishments.

Incorrectly listing their parent as the main policyholder (13 per cent), otherwise known as fronting, will not only void your cover but it could also see you prosecuted for insurance fraud.

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “There are a number of ways that households can void the terms of their insurance policies and although these mostly occur by accident, our report finds that a quarter of Brits are aware of the risks and still take the chance.

“The two most common risks that people take – leaving windows or doors unlocked when you’re out – fall under the ‘reasonable care’ section of your policy, which states that insurers expect you to take basic steps to secure your property.

“That means in the event of a claim, you may not receive the pay-out you’re entitled to.

“If you’re ever unsure, it’s worth reading your policies thoroughly before taking them out, or talking to your existing provider.

“The most important thing is that you have the correct level of cover for your needs and shop around for the best deal.”

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