Councils lose over £40m in parking fine revenues during lockdown

Councils lose over £40m in parking fine revenues during lockdown


The 19 largest UK cities lost 71 percent of their income from parking fines between April and June 2020

City councils in the UK lost more than £40 million in revenue from parking fines during lockdown, new figures reveal.

Between April and June 2020, 19 of the largest UK cities – including London – made £16.6 million from parking fines, compared with £55.7 million in the same period last year. This represents a drop of 70.8 percent – just over £40 million.

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Outside London, 18 cities brought in £10.1 million from parking penalty charge notices (PCNs) between April and June 2019. In the same period in 2020, this fell by 80.9 percent to £1.7 million.

Between April and June 2019, the 23 London Boroughs generated £46.6 million from parking PCNs – this fell 68.1 percent (£31.8 million) to £14.8 million in 2020, according to the data, which came from a series of Freedom of Information requests issued by car leasing service LeaseFetcher.


Lost PCN income (£)Lost PCN income (%)
Glasgow£1,209,791.7188.9 percent
Brighton and Hove£1,044,644.0670.9 percent
Leeds£937,964.2795.1 percent
Birmingham£889,516.8168.1 percent
Bristol£703,163.6382.8 percent
Leicester£553,890.0099.2 percent
Cardiff£512,738.0098.6 percent
Newcastle upon Tyne£488,882.4577.6 percent
Sheffield£423,519.8793 percent
Bradford£349,394.7779 percent
Coventry£306,277.3694.3 percent
Plymouth£287,120.6476.8 percent
Milton Keynes£182,108.5979.2 percent
Wakefield£144,576.4485.7 percent
Walsall£105,765.6670 percent
Dudley£94,752.6288.1 percent
Doncaster£83,289.6187.9 percent
Rotherham£65,151.0078.4 percent

Will Craig, founder of LeaseFetcher, commented: “Nobody likes a parking ticket, and if anything good has come of lockdown, it’s that motorists have saved a staggering amount of cash on PCNs.

“It’s not so good for the councils, but they are already starting to claw their way back up to pre-lockdown income levels now that restrictions have eased.”

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