‘Drivers are entitled!’ 20mph camera debate sparks fury from cyclist – ‘A disgrace!’

‘Drivers are entitled!’ 20mph camera debate sparks fury from cyclist – ‘A disgrace!’


Speed camera campaigners are 'voice of entitlement' says critic

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The row over 20mph speed cameras being installed across Britain turned personal this morning live on Good Morning Britain. A cycling safety campaigner told broadcaster Edward Adoo he was showing the ‘entitlement’ of drivers by arguing that the cameras were simply cash cows.

The pair clashed almost immediately as Mr Adoo told cycling safety and climate campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy that cyclists were getting away with breaking the speed limits without punishment.

He said he was regularly overtaken by cyclists while driving in London despite his sticking to speed limits.

Mr Adoo also said that there was no sense in 20mph speed cameras being active in the middle of the night, saying: “Okay, during the day, if it’s in crowded areas, then it’s got to be addressed where, you know, there has to be some kind of trying to bring the speed down. But then at two in the morning if you’re driving along and you’re being told to drive at 20 miles per hour, there’s no one around… there’s no logic there.”

But Mr McCarthy laughed at the suggestion and said: “We’re listening to the voice of entitlement.”

He continued: “What about the families of kids who are being killed? He talks about families, about the cost of living, the actual idea that we put a £100 pound fine up against saving lives. It’s just shocking.”

When Mr Adoo and GMB host Kate Garraway pointed out that it was unlikely children would be out walking at 2am, Mr McCarthy said: “Actually at nighttime, there’ll be nurses coming home from their late night shift.

“There will be parents going to work on the good morning show at four o’clock in the morning.

“They will be at risk of being hit. Or they could crash into another driver.”

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The campaigner continued: “The idea that we have not enforced 20mph zones is a disgrace.

“Five times more people will be killed at 30 than at 20.

“Why have the police not enforced it up to now?

“This is good news for families. This is good news for kids.”

Ms Garraway asked: “Sometimes hitting people in the wallet is where it hurts the most.

“But if people haven’t been observing the 20 mile an hour rule without the cameras and the evidence that we heard there is that it saves lives significantly just that drop from 30 to 20, why not make it hurt and make people safer?”

Mr Adoo replied: “People are getting tickets for doing 22 or 23mph.”

Host Ben Shephard then added: “There’s a message here from someone called Lee saying ‘I was caught in February in London along the embankment in my truck, I was caught doing 23 miles an hour while I was being overtaken by cyclists’ – so you can understand the frustration.”

Mr McCarthy replied: “In those instances, people will just be sent on a speed awareness course – which obviously Edward needs to do.”

Mr Adoo laughed in surprise, saying: “Seriously? You’re seriously saying I need to take a speed course?”

As the pair began to interrupt each other Mr Adoo asked: “So why are motorists being singled out? That’s the issue and you got angry because you don’t want to address that point.”

Mr MrCarthy said: “This is the entitlement of the driver.”

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