Drivers urged to turn off specific car functions to save fuel

Drivers urged to turn off specific car functions to save fuel


Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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With temperatures slowly dropping, drivers will be more likely to turn to heated seats and steering wheels. While it might provide comfort, drivers’ wallets could be negatively affected by the accessory. With that in mind, motorists have been urged to limit the usage of heated seats and steering wheels to save money.

John Wilmot, the CEO of car leasing comparison website LeaseLoco, told “Although the cost of a litre of fuel has dropped a little from recent highs, millions of UK families are still feeling it in the pocket.

“Most of us can’t do without a car, particularly with kids going back to school after the summer holidays and parents having to do the daily school run.

“With fuel costs expected to stay high for some time yet, it’s worth looking at how we can adapt our driving and how often we drive, to squeeze as much value as possible from that litre of fuel.”

Speaking about car accessories, Mr Wilmot told motorists to “take it easy” adding: “If you have a car with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, it’s understandable to want to turn them on when you first get in.

“But turn them off once you’ve warmed up, as keeping them on will increase your fuel consumption.”

Mr Wilmot also provided a number of other tips for drivers ahead of autumn and winter. These are…

Insurance and Road Tax

The expert advised drivers to pay for 12 months of car insurance up front, if the can afford it.

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Mr Wilmot said: “Drivers who spread the cost of their car insurance will pay more than someone who pays upfront, because when you pay monthly, you’re effectively taking out a loan from the insurer, and paying interest on it.

“The same goes with your road tax – which can be paid annually, monthly or every six months. Paying monthly will work out more expensive over the entire year.”

Check your car

Motorists have been advised by the expert that it’s worth checking the car now to make sure it’s ready for the more wintery conditions over the coming months.

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Mr Wilmot added: “Top up your windscreen wash and make sure your tyres have enough tread and are at the correct pressure.

“Doing checks now could prevent an accident further down the road which could prove costly.”

Take it easy

According to Mr Wilmot, vehicles are at their least efficient when they’re cold.

Drivers should therefore avoid driving quicky when they first get in the car, as they’ll be wasting fuel and also wearing out the engine more quickly.


Speaking about de-icing, Mr Wilmot said: “If you find your car is iced over in the morning, use an ice scraper or de-icing spray rather than leaving your car running and relying on the heating to melt the ice.

“Also, use a scraper to get ice off the windscreen rather than using the wipers, which will wear them out faster and even risk tearing them.”

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