DVLA numbers plates – The perfect number plate for Welsh drivers to be auctioned off

DVLA numbers plates – The perfect number plate for Welsh drivers to be auctioned off


Personalised and unique number plates are a huge business with millions paying tens of millions every year on them.  They are a status symbol for some or use another means to stand out among the random plates assigned by the DVLA when you buy a car.  A new number plate auction could be a perfect opportunity for Welsh motorists to own a private number plate.  There are around 1,200-plus lots being auctioned at The Vale Resort in Hensol in July. Among those number, plates are registrations such as WE11 LSH.

Jody Davies, from DVLA Personalised Registrations said: “We also hold a number of live auctions across the UK throughout the year, with the next one in the Vale Resort, Cardiff from July 17. 

“This three-day auction comprises 1,250 registrations that have never been issued before, with reserves ranging from £250 to £2,500.”

Other registrations available are G812 ETH, K477 RYN or RH19 NON which could be perfect for drivers wanting a name themed registration. 

Guide prices for the plates range from £250 to £2,500 which have up to seven characters.  

Every year it is estimated that the DVLA generals more than £100 million each year for the treasury through sales of personalised registrations.  

Previous Welsh-themed plates have sold for thousands:

ALW 7N – £7,600.00

ANW 33N – £400.00

7 BWS – £1,700.00

CAR 144D – £1,200.00

1 CWM – £10,200.00

C7 MRU – £5,000.00

DRA 90N – £4,800.00

CER 7S – £4,200.00

EMR 7S – £600.00

FFF 10N – £3,600.00

GWE 57Y – £400.00

HUW 80Y – £1,800.00

HYW 31S – £600.00

MEG 44N – £4,800.00

NES 57A – £500.00

NES 4S – £700.00

OWA 41N – £3,000.00

OLW 7N – £900.00

POW 311L – £1,200.00

RH14 NON – £15,000.00

RHY 5A – £2,100.00

RO63 RTS – £5,600.00

SOS 84N – £600.00

9 TAN – £7,000.00

TAF 11E – £1,700.00

1 TEW – £10,500.00

W8 LES – £2,200.00

W44 LES – £1,900.00

WEL 5H – £27,200.00

11 WRU – £2,400.00

WYN 1A – £900.00

Not all personalised number plates are acceptable and every year a whole list of registrations are removed before they go into circulation. 

Every year the DVLA bans registrations that could be perched as rude, offensive or in poor taste.

Certain combinations of letters are immediately banned such as B** UMS and FA** RTS.

Some examples of omissions that were made this year include registrations such as OR19 SMS or BU19 GRY and DO19 POO have been omitted.

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