eMotorWerks Introduces JuicePlan To Ease Upfront Home Charging Costs

eMotorWerks Introduces JuicePlan To Ease Upfront Home Charging Costs


One low monthly payment covers it all

eMotorWerks, an Enel X company, this week introduced a new service they are offering, called JuicePlan. eMotorWerks created the JuicePlan service to help make purchasing and installing home EV charging equipment less onerous for new EV owners.

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One of the pain points for those new to EV ownership can be that, after taking the plunge into the EV life, you find out how expensive it can be to purchase and install the charging equipment necessary to recharge your EV quickly, so you can enjoy the car to its fullest. 

Buying and installing a 240-volt, level 2 charging station, then paying a licensed electrician to install it, can easily exceed $1,000 or more in many circumstances. That expense may be too burdensome for many folks that just stretched the budget to buy or lease a new car. 

“There’s a continued need to democratize access to electrified mobility globally. One of the barriers we’ve found to greater adoption is the selection and installation of an EV charging system at home, where the vast majority of vehicle charging takes place today,” said Valery Miftakhov, eMotorWerks founder and CEO. “Our hope is that creating a subscription option for smart charging to existing EV owners or those that are considering an electric vehicle will accelerate EV adoption in the U.S.”

Enter JuicePlan. The new service by eMotorWerks rolls up the cost of a JuiceBox Pro 40 smart charger, as well as the cost to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet that the JuiceBox plugs into. eMotorWorks contracts the licensed electrician to install the outlet and hang the JuiceBox on your wall so it can plug in. They basically do everything. 

With the new JuicePlan, the customer pays a low monthly fee and is required to put no money down. The introductory rate is only $19 while supplies last, and will initially be available in select markets in California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. You can visit the JuicePlan website and enter your zip code to see if its available in your area. 

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The JuiceBox Pro 40 is also InsideEVs Buyers Guide’s “Top Pick” for home charging solution for 2019. The JuiceNet smart charging platform allows users to schedule their EV charging times when there are favorable electricity rates, saving the owner money. Also, with the optional JuiceNet Green, the JuiceBox will automatically charge your EV when the grid offers the cleanest power of the day, by maximizing charging times to when solar and wind power is at maximum production.

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