European Tuner Previews Golf 8 Tuning Package

European Tuner Previews Golf 8 Tuning Package


While we know what the Mk8 Golf looks like now, we still haven’t really seen once owners have had their wicked way with it. Europe’s JMS is previewing what it plans to do with the car.

Although these upgrades are all for the base Golf (which we may or may not get someday), they do give us a hint as to what the tuning future holds for the Golfs that we’ll get, too.

A new front spoiler makes the front-end look a little more than an inch closer to the ground, while side skirts and a more aggressive rear diffusor helps round out the look.

JMS claims that is done in order to give customers the opportunity to cut out their own holes for whatever exhaust they choose.

The tuner also plans to put the Golf on KW coilers and 19-inch “Barracuda Tzunamee EVO” lightweight wheels.

No power upgrades have been outlined, though “performance optimizations and exhaust systems” have been promised.

So do what do we think?

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