Expert tips on how to reduce the cost of running a car in 2022

Expert tips on how to reduce the cost of running a car in 2022


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With the cost of living heading ever upwards over the past year, some money back in the wallet is always welcome. Running a car can be expensive, so experts
at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have put together five handy tips for reducing costs in 2022.

Keep on top of maintenance

One of the most costly parts of owning a car is the maintenance. Services and MOTs can throw up unexpected high costs without any warning.

It’s important to not skip any services required, as this leads to further wear and tear on the vehicle, leading to higher costs.

It’s essential to take the car to a reliable garage that can guarantee their parts are approved by the manufacturer.

If not, and unapproved parts are fitted to your vehicle, further high costs may be incurred

Drive fuel efficiently

How you drive can impact fuel efficiency and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Try driving at a steady speed to reduce acceleration and slow down gradually when coming to a stop to reduce harsh braking.

Turn off air conditioning when not required and if you own a manual, drive in the highest gear you can without overworking the engine.

Shop around for car insurance

When taking out or renewing car insurance it is important to shop around and have different options from various different providers to compare and see which is offering the best value for money.

When renewing insurance, it is important to check online before renew a current insurance plan with a provider, as it is often possible to find cheaper elsewhere.

Any offer can then be used as leverage with a current provider.

Use a mobile phone to pay for parking

As the use of cash is decreasing and mobile and card payments increase, paying for parking via an app is becoming more convenient.

Most car parks will now have the option to pay online, meaning an exact time can be chosen and added to if needed.

This minimises the chances of getting a parking ticket for not returning to the car in the time paid for.

Apps can also be used to find cheap parking spaces depending on location.

Wash your car yourself

For many people, cleaning their car is a chore, especially when the days get colder and cars get muddier, quicker.

However, cleaning the car personally will not only likely save around £100 a year, but it will also allow an eye to be kept on the car’s condition.

Look out for new chips and scratches as these can lead to rust and corrosion on the vehicle if not cared for properly.

Keith Hawes, Director, said: “Cars take a lot of looking after, and if not done correctly, unexpected bills can be incurred.

“Taking simple steps such as driving efficiently by not braking harshly, or cleaning your own car to keep an eye out for any damage can minimise the money you spend on repairing and maintaining your vehicle.”

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