Facelifted BMW iX3 Spotted This Time Wearing M Sport Kit

Facelifted BMW iX3 Spotted This Time Wearing M Sport Kit


Barely out and the iX3 is already being nipped and tucked and our spies have snapped an LCI prototype yet again.

Through this most recent batch of BMW iX3 facelift spy shots we can finally (sort of) confirm that BMW is indeed going to offer an exterior M Sport pack for the vehicle. This wasn’t necessarily hard, since most bits would be the same as on the X3 ICE, but up until this point we were just speculating about it.

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This latest prototype spied during some cold weather testing sessions may not look like it, but our spies are convinced it’s hiding an M Sport pack under the camouflage. In order to support this, they point to the black vents located on the front fenders, behind the wheels and right above they say that is a covered M logo (like the one you see on all current BMW cars specced with an M Sport pack).

And since both front and rear fascias are completely covered, there’s no reason why this and other prototypes aren’t hiding aggressive bumpers under there. In fact, our spies also have good reason to believe the refreshed iX3 LCI may only be offered in a sportier guise – all prototypes they have spotted look like this, complete with the covered badge on the side.

We also expect the headlights and tail lights to have a unique design, different from that of other X3 variants.

BMW will launch this facelifted iX3 along with a facelifted version of the regular X3 – this is expected to happen either close to the end of 2021 or in 2022. Currently, the manufacturer offers the iX3 with a single battery pack option and only in rear-wheel drive guise, but it may add more powertrains and options with the debut of the LCI.

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