Ferrari may introduce ‘fake’ engine noises to its electric cars

Ferrari may introduce ‘fake’ engine noises to its electric cars


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A patent filed by the Italian sports car brand revealed plans for an external speaker that emits an authentic soundtrack linked directly to the propulsion system. Ferrari is set to go electric in 2025, with the automaker aiming to reach 40 percent of EV sales by the end of this decade.

The patent, which was filed with the United States Patents and Trademark Office, show that Ferrari will not try to replicate the engine noises, as reported by CarBuzz.

Instead, it will come with a system at the rear of the vehicle which will enhance the sound generated by its battery-powered drivetrain.

This external speaker – or “sound reproduction device” – will be mounted on the rear axle and its sounds will correlate with the speed the vehicle is travelling and how aggressively a driver is accelerating.

Although the sound of a roaring engine may be consigned to history for Ferrari, the new patent will enable the new cars to create a “genuine powertrain” noise.

This is instead of a series of synthesised sounds that other manufacturers are creating for their EV range.

This will mean that the new generation of vehicles will meet Ferrari’s strict ethos of authenticity for motorists across the world, the RAC said.

Speaking at the time of the electrification announcement, CEO Benedetto Vigna confirmed that the EVs would be designed, produced and assembled in Maranello at the company’s new E-Building.

He said: “The full electric Ferrari will be a real Ferrari. I believe the internal combustion engine has a lot to give.

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“On one side, we have to cope with emissions regulations, but most importantly we see electrification as a way, as a technology, that can enhance the performance of what we do.

“We are not a mobility company and when mobility is increasingly shared, having a Ferrari will be even more unique.”

Mr Vigna added that Ferrari had “no interest” in level four or five self-driving technology.

Abarth, the sports arm of Fiat, announced last year that it would include a fake engine sound generator in one of its electric cars.

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The performance version of the Fiat 500e will contain a speaker that generates a combustion engine sound when accelerating.

The roar of the engine has been one sticking point of electric cars for petrolheads, with many not keen on the stillness of an EV.

Some have also called on car manufacturers to include a minimum noise for electric cars to make their presence known to pedestrians and cyclists.

An EU law called the Regulation on the Sound Level of Motor Vehicles was introduced on July 1, 2019, to address this concern.

It made it a legal requirement for all new electric cars to make a sound at speeds up to 12.4mph, both when they are going forwards and reversing. 

From this date, all new pure electric cars sold had to be fitted with an acoustic vehicle alert system (AVAS) that would warn other road users of their presence. 

Although it wasn’t a legal requirement prior to this, a number of car manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota, did already have some sort of AVAS fitted to their electric vehicles.

Jaguar has also developed a system to warn blind, visually impaired and other vulnerable road users it is approaching at low speed.

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