Ferrari Releases New Teaser For Its Hybrid Supercar

Ferrari Releases New Teaser For Its Hybrid Supercar


The curtain comes off tomorrow.

Ferrari’s newest sports car debuts tomorrow, but that’s not stopping the Italian automaker from dropping a last-minute teaser for the new model.

Ferrari Fever:

The latest material from Ferrari comes in video form and follows yesterday’s teaser image, which gave us a basic view of the vehicle’s rear end. The video, which was posted to the company’s official Facebook page, gives us an idea of what the Prancing Horse’s latest car’s mug, headlights, and wheels will look like.

Thanks to an overhead shot, we’re able to see that the mid-engine sports car will feature a nose that appears to combine the looks of the recently revealed F8 Tributo with the one-off SP38. Slim, L-shaped headlights mounted at the edges of the front fenders appear to emphasize the new car’s width.

Feral Ferraris:

There’s less to glean from the quick shot that Ferrari provides of the wheels. Nevertheless, we can confirm that the car will have them. While buyers will likely have multiple options to choose from, the vehicle in the video appears to wear black wheels that contrast nicely with big, red brake calipers.

What will send power to those wheels remains a mystery. However, rumors persist that a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 will work with a trio of electric motors to push nearly 1,000 horsepower to all four of the car’s wheels. Predictably, the electrified Ferrari is anticipated to wear a hefty sticker price, with reports pinning the starting figure at more than $600,000.

We’ll know more tomorrow after Ferrari formally pulls the curtains off of its latest creation.

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