Field of horrors: Check out all these sad Ferraris

Field of horrors: Check out all these sad Ferraris


Is this a dream? Or a nightmare? I guess it depends on if you own the Ferraris or not. 

You’ve probably seen a field of half-decomposed old cars before: We all have. Sometimes, if you look long enough at what’s left, you might find the remains of a car that could have been worth something at some point. But you probably haven’t stumbled upon a field like that … full of vintage Ferraris.

As you might imagine, storing a small fleet of Ferraris outside isn’t the best idea. But, according to the story on Silodrome, it wasn’t the owner’s intent. The problematic storage situation only happened after the owner missed a few payments to the warehouse that was tasked with storing the cars.  

The owner’s family eventually got involved in this mess and discovered that there are apparently a handful of Rolls Royce and Ferraris missing from the “collection.” The family talked to Ferrari mover and shaker Paul Cox, who worked out a way to sell all nine to a dealer for probable restoration.

Despite the poor storage conditions, these Ferraris were all sold off and will likely face better treatment in home garages and collections than outside in the wilderness. You can check out the original story, and a bunch more pictures, at Silodrome.

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