Finally, A Teardrop Camper For EVs With A Giant Battery

Finally, A Teardrop Camper For EVs With A Giant Battery


This is not the first time we see a camper trailer acting as a range extender, though the previous time it wasn’t made by a reputable company. Last year, our colleagues at InsideEVs reported about a homemade camper/range extender that connects to the electric vehicle while on the move and extends the range in real-time.

Back to the Boulder, Colorado Teardrops says it has designed the teardrop camper from light and strong materials to ensure its overall weight (1,950 pounds/885 kilograms with a 75-kWh battery) is not high due to the weight of the batteries. Special aerodynamic optimizations help reduce the drag coefficient to provide a maximum range for the electric vehicle that’s towing the camper.

The overall construction of the Boulder is made of aluminum rails sitting on top of a 3,500-pound (1,587-kg) rated suspension. The insulated cabin comes equipped with beds for up to four people including a queen-size mattress and bunk beds. There’s also a dining area with couches, electric outlets, and a retractable exterior kitchen at the back. Despite its very compact dimensions, the Boulder offers a hot-water shower and interior climate control.

Colorado Teardrops says the Boulder can be towed even by a small car with a four-cylinder engine, though it believes you’ll mostly see it being towed by an electric vehicle of any size. The trailer costs $55,000 but there are several different reservation options that could drop that price to $45,000 with a downpayment of $10,000.


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