Fog lights advice issued to drivers amid safety warnings

Fog lights advice issued to drivers amid safety warnings


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Drivers need to be more cautious and aware when driving during foggy and rainy conditions, as visibility is impaired. Experts are now issuing warnings as motorists deal with cold and foggy weather. 

Experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have put together a list of tips for driving during different weather conditions.

Mark Smith, Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts shared his advice on driving safely during foggy weather conditions.

Use fog lights correctly

Mr Smith said: “Normal headlights during foggy conditions can make glare worse, decreasing visibility and putting other road users at risk.

“That’s why it is essential to know when to use the fog headlights as they illuminate downwards below the fog as they sit lower than ordinary headlights.”

Fog lights also do not reflect back off the fog meaning drivers have better visibility.

When visibility improves, it is important to remember to turn fog lights off to prevent dazzling other drivers.

Drivers should remember, if they have automatic headlights, the fog lights may not automatically come on, so it is best to check the vehicle before setting off on a journey.

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If drivers are caught with fog lights on, and visibility has improved, they can receive a fine of £30 as a result of putting other drivers in danger.

Beware of other drivers not using headlights

Visibility is hugely impaired when driving in the fog, so drivers should always be aware of other road users, especially those who may not have their headlights on.

Motorists should drive only as fast as the weather conditions allow them and give themselves plenty of time to get to where they need to be.

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If drivers are struggling to see, they should open a window when at a junction to listen for other traffic to ensure they can pull out safely and keep a good distance between them and the car in front.

Prepare the vehicle for poor weather conditions

The car heater isn’t just there to keep drivers warm, it is also there to de-mist the windows.

It is important that the heater is working well to make sure drivers can demist their windows before they set off and during any journey.

The windscreen wipers also need to be in good condition to enable them to work effectively.

Before setting off, drivers should check that their wipers aren’t leaving strikes or hanging off as when driving during foggy conditions they need to be able to see as clearly as possible.

Breaking some of the things outlined above could result in fines or more importantly a vehicle not being safe to use. 

This is not something that drivers need, especially when fuel prices remain high. 

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