GM Doesn't Want To Spend On Charging Infrastructure, Seeks Investors

GM Doesn't Want To Spend On Charging Infrastructure, Seeks Investors


The automaker would rather spend its money building more EVs.

Some EV fans — specifically those who prefer Tesla — believe that automakers should be working to help build out EV charging infrastructure. This is because Tesla has proven the incredible worth of its Supercharger and destination charger networks. 

However, just because Tesla is doing it doesn’t mean others are going to follow suit. While it would be hugely advantageous for other automakers to follow in Tesla’s footsteps, it’s not required, which makes it unlikely.

Imagine if Henry Ford had made the decision to build his own proprietary gas stations that no other cars could use. He’d have had a huge edge for sure. However, this wasn’t necessary, since automakers weren’t expected to build gas stations. Once gas cars came along and there was a necessity for fueling stations, buildout commenced. General Motors vice president Mike Abelson shared:

“We don’t wish to spend our capital to build fast chargers. We wish to spend our capital to build more EVs.”

“There needs to be thousands and thousands of these across the country. It gets to be a considerable construction task.”

In order to address the issue, GM has announced a partnership with construction giant Bechtel Corporation, with the goal of establishing the charging network and attracting outside investors for funding. Bechtel has executed numerous major construction projects in the past with the help of investor dollars.

Only time will prove if investors are interested in supporting GM’s efforts. As EVs become more popular and prevalent on our roadways, there’s a much better chance that more companies and investors will get involved.

In addition, at this point, GM’s only current electric car is the Bolt EV, and it’s not selling very well. The automaker has plans for a multitude of EVs in the future, but it appears to be taking its time turning those plans into reality.

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