Got Time? See The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 In 24 Videos

Got Time? See The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 In 24 Videos


That’s right – twenty-four.

Remember the hype around the new Toyota Supra? That was nothing compared to the mid-engined Corvette. The highly anticipated C8 has been getting a lot of attention not just from the media, but also from enthusiasts eager to see how Chevy has effectively transformed its beloved sports car into a hardcore performance machine.

60 years since the original mid-engined Corvette concept, a car you’ll actually be able to buy with this engine layout has been revealed this week. The 2020 Stingray will go into production towards the end of the year and will carry an alluring starting price of under $60,000. To ease the wait, Chevy has released a plethora of videos with its desirable coupe that will be followed shortly by the already previewed convertible.

From essential features like the naturally aspirated LT2 6.2-liter V8 engine and the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox to little things like the seat and color options, the videos attached here contain just about all the info a Corvette fan could ever need. We even get to check out its dual trunks providing a combined cargo capacity of 12.6 cubic feet (357 liters), with the one in the back able to carry the much-essential two bags of golf clubs or the removable hardtop.

One of the videos talks about the optional Z51 Performance Package, which allows the C8 to hit 60 mph (96 kph) in under three seconds – effectively making it the fastest entry-level Corvette ever. Here’s what you get with the kit:

  • Performance suspension with manually adjustable threaded spring seats;
  • Larger brake rotors with Z51 logo on calipers;
  • Z51-specific front splitter and rear spoiler;
  • Enhanced cooling;
  • Electronic limited-slip differential;
  • Specific axle ratio;  
  • Front brake cooling inlets;
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires;
  • Performance exhaust.

Chevy also talks about what the key fobs can do and shows you where the hidden releases for the doors and trunks are positioned. We also get to see the front suspension lift system in action, requiring only 2.8 seconds to increase the ground clearance at the front bumper by around 40 millimeters. It works at speeds of up to 24 mph (39 kph) and can be either manually activated or automatically turned on by programming it through the car’s GPS system able to remember as much as 1,000 locations.

Check out the clips attached below for all the video content released by Chevy with the C8.

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