Hyundai Kona Electric Receives Very Positive Review

Hyundai Kona Electric Receives Very Positive Review


But it was done before the Montreal explosion. Would that change things?

As you are probably aware, Hyundai is in a rush to understand why a Kona Electric exploded in Montreal. For good reasons. Such an event can permanently damage the car’s reputation. And it would be a pity to see a car that has received good reviews fail due to that. Reviews such as this done by Forrest Jones, from the Forrest’s Auto Reviews YouTube channel.

Jones has an interesting way of reviewing cars and he really makes you feel inside the car – as if you were doing it yourself. And he seems to be very impressed with the styling and finish quality. He even cares about the way the doors shut. And likes the one Kona offers.

Regarding the way the car accelerates and rides, Jones enjoys it very much and prefers to drive it on Eco mode due to a dynamic characteristic of the Kona: It is an FWD car. And, in Sport mode, the front wheels get too light, which is not a problem even with stability control off, according to him. We’d keep it on, just in case.

One particular feature he loves is the board computer that shows how much juice the regenerative braking is getting back to the battery pack. And the sound the Kona Electric makes to alert people around it is there.

Do you think Jones would have made a different review if the video was shot after the Montreal explosion incident? Would he be less enthusiastic about the car and how it behaves or that would just be a side note? 

We hope to have news on the Kona Electric investigation as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Video description via Forrest’s Auto Reviews on YouTube:

The Hyundai Kona Electric is Hyundai’s first LONG RANGE electric vehicle! With over 250 miles of EPA estimated range, this Kona Electric is positioned pretty well when it comes to competitors. However, it ended up being even better than I imagined! Check out this in-depth review to learn more!

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