Hyundai Wants European Taxpayers To Save Money With Kona Electric And NEXO

Hyundai Wants European Taxpayers To Save Money With Kona Electric And NEXO


The company did not explain how they refuel the FCEV in police departments.

EVs may – currently – cost more to buy, but they help people save money with fuel and maintenance. That is one of the reasons Tesla includes “potential savings” to sell its cars. In the long run, they tend to pay off, especially if you run a lot – as police cars do. That is likely why Hyundai is trying to reinforce its presence among police forces in Europe, as it let us know in a recent press release.

The company mentioned the Kona Electric is very popular in “Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.” The picture above, with five Kona Electric units, was taken at the canton of St. Gallen. They are the smaller part of the 13 units the police department there bought. Eight other vehicles are also used by the Swiss police but as civilian vehicles.

The Ioniq Electric recently had a range upgrade that seems to have made it more attractive to police officers. Hyundai states it is in use in Guadalete and Bilbao, but did not provide any pictures of it there. The only Spanish picture Hyundai provided shows the Kona Electric in front of the town hall of Alcàntera de Xúquer, in Valencia.

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The last well-received electric car from Hyundai is powered by hydrogen. In Italy, the Bolzano police department alone apparently bought 11 new units of the NEXO. There may be more, but Hyundai does not mention anything else than “a fleet” and that Bolzano already had ix35 FCEV vehicles in service. If we are to take this picture as a reference, it has five of them in its fleet. 

Hyundai just did not mention how these cars are refueled. Does Bolzano have a hydrogen station solely for these cars? Or is it Hyundai that arranged to have one for the Bolzano police forces? We would also like the origin of this hydrogen, hoping that it comes from renewable sources.

Considering many governments are already speaking about raising taxes to face the difficult times imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, adopting electric cars for all their departments can help more than keeping the air cleaner. The same savings people have with EVs could be invaluable for the public administration. The less and more wisely a government spends, the better. Electric cars can be the way to do it right.

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