‘It’s a win-win’: Motorists could earn £1,000 a year for installing an EV charger at home

‘It’s a win-win’: Motorists could earn £1,000 a year for installing an EV charger at home


Petrol price rise ‘hopefully’ pushes drivers to electric says expert

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JustPark, the UK’s leading driveway sharing platform, has launched FleetCharge to unlock and electrify private driveways to enable businesses to switch their fleets to electric vehicles years earlier. Around 75 percent of fleet drivers don’t have off-street parking at home, meaning it can be a challenge to get them to transition to electric vehicles.

Business drivers can’t afford time or associated risks of finding and using a public charging point, with many of these also not being suitable for larger vehicles or e-vans to use.

With the new FleetCharge scheme, JustPark will find a local homeowner with a driveway within a five-minute walk of the EV driver, install a home charger and give said fleet driver exclusive access to that charging point.

The platform will cover all the costs associated with installing a discreet EV charger at their home, as well as day-to-day running costs including any subscriptions and electricity costs.

Through FleetCharge, all the upfront EV charging installation costs are covered, but it could potentially earn the hosts a guaranteed additional income of £1,000 a year – all tax-free.

Mike Strahlman, Director of EV at JustPark, spoke of the necessity of such a scheme to benefit drivers, especially fleet operators.

He said: “With the legislated transition to clean-air powertrains looming many businesses are looking to swap their commercial fleets to electric.

“There’s a barrier currently, which is that most drivers take these vehicles home at night and finding safe and reliable charging is difficult.

“JustPark finds a homeowner with a driveway within a short walk of the fleet driver, installing charging hardware, and giving them a reliable and guaranteed place to charge.

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“It’s a win-win for the driver and business but also for the homeowner, who through hosting these fleet drivers and vehicles, could earn £1,000 a year. 

“Our JustPark team will look after the hosts, providing and paying for the installation of a charging unit and all costs associated.”

In response to the 2030 ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, community charging has become increasingly more vital for the transition.

More than 60 percent of councils have no set EV infrastructure strategy.

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