Kia Niro EV: Don't Let Range Anxiety Ruin Your Mountain Road Trip

Kia Niro EV: Don't Let Range Anxiety Ruin Your Mountain Road Trip


What in tarnation did we just watch?

Hopefully, you didn’t click on the video right away without reading first. This is because we wanted to warn you to turn your volume down since the video opens with a girl screaming. This might not be the best way for Kia to begin its latest Niro EV ad, because some people will immediately press pause or even close the page. Watching the video further reveals why this poor child is so scared.

The reason for the screams is related to range anxiety. However, it’s not exactly the lack of range itself that’s so upsetting. Instead, it’s the fact that the electric car proceeds to roll backward down a mountain after its battery hits zero percent. The particular electric car is just a non-descript “weirdmobile,” likely so as not to offend any other automaker by making it look like another, currently available, competing EV.

At any rate, eventually the Niro EV is revealed and the folks are safe and sound on their mountain road trip. While we love uniqueness and creativity, we think automakers need to be careful with their electric vehicle advertising. There’s already lots of negativity out there, and many people think EVs are just plain weird. It’s important that automakers don’t work to accelerate that attitude. 

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Video Description via Kia Motors Worldwide on YouTube:

Go Electric | e-Niro | Kia

Don’t let EV range anxiety get in the way of a great mountain road trip. Discover the remarkable range of the All-new #Kia e-Niro. #KiaeNiro #Goelectric #StopWonderingStartDriving #KiaElectrifiedVehicles

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