Mercedes-Benz Receives Order For 48 eCitaro From Hanover

Mercedes-Benz Receives Order For 48 eCitaro From Hanover


Mercedes-Benz started slowly but sales of electric buses gradually improve.

Mercedes-Benz finally scores some volume orders for its new all-electric buses eCitaro. Most recently, public transport provider ÜSTRA from Hanover, Germany placed an order for 48 buses (30 rigid buses and 18 eCitaro G articulated buses).

The first four will be delivered later this year, while the rest come in 2020. ÜSTRA’s goal is to completely switch to all-electric buses by the end of 2023. Taking into consideration its 141-bus strong fleet, more than 90 buses still need to be ordered.

The buses will be equipped with 243 kWh battery packs and pantographs for intermediary quick charging during the shift.

Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Services at Daimler Buses said:

“ÜSTRA is rapidly working towards achieving emission-free mobility. We are proud that the eCitaro will be such an important component of their electric bus campaign,”

Denise Hain, Member of the ÜSTRA Board of Management for Operations and Personnel said:

“In Daimler, we are pleased to have found an experienced manufacturer of electric buses, which, by delivering 48 eCitaro buses, will be the basis of our ambitious aim to completely electrify Hanover’s public transport by 2023,”.

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