MOT test exemption will help key workers and remove ‘unnecessary travel’, says expert

MOT test exemption will help key workers and remove ‘unnecessary travel’, says expert



  • Police will fine drivers who cannot get car repaired

“They don’t have to worry about booking their car in for an MO, booking the day off to do it because that’s what people do, they book a  day off to take their car for an MOT. It can be quite a stressful time for some people.”

Mr Colman added the scrapping of MOT tests would also have a positive financial benefit to many road users. 

He claimed repairs needed after MOT tests could rise up to £300 at a difficult time when many workers could be facing periods of unemployment. 

Mr Colman told “The most common things a car fails on, lights, wipers. They are fairly cheap to sort. 

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“But if it’s something like brakes and tyres that can be fairly expensive to sort and at the minute noone has any money or they’re trying to keep the moment they’ve got. 

“You take your car for an MOT and it fails, suddenly you’ve got a £200 – £300 bill which maybe they weren’t expecting.”

The suspension effectively means all current MOT certificates are extended for another six month period. 

Car insurance policies cannot be invalidated and car tax policies can be renewed as usual as you will still have a valid MOT pass certificate. 


  • This service offers car repairs without visiting garage

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed vehicles must be in a road legal condition despite the six month exemption. 

Mr Colman confirmed police would likely take enforcement action if a vehicle was not considered safe to drive on the roads. 

Fines can be up to £2,500 for driving a car which is in a dangerous condition while charges can rise to £5,000 if police decide to charge you with dangerous driving. 

Higher fees may even be issued for individual defects such as faulty tyres or blocked visibility on the road. 

Charges can increase as high as £2,500 per tyre in these cases while motorists would be likely to receive penalty points on their driving licence.

Mr Colman added: “Officers will offer a commonsense approach. But obviously they are going to be doing these stop checks now. 

“If you see the springs cracks or the wipers hanging off you’re not going to let it go. You’re going to say something about it.”

However, he did claim any enforcement action would be up to the judgement of the individual officer and can vary. 

Maintenance work can be carried out by garages, through home repairs or special services where mechanics can come and fix vehicles at your home if you are self-isolating. 

The Department for Transport says they are working with insurance providers and the police to make sure motorists stuck at home through self-isolation or in a higher risk group are not negatively affected by the new laws. 

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