Overhauled Coachman RV Features Spacious Cabin With Lots Of Wood Trim

Overhauled Coachman RV Features Spacious Cabin With Lots Of Wood Trim


Eric and Allison are the couple behind gutting a 1976 Coachman Leprechaun and turning it into a thoroughly modern machine for a life on the road. They call the van Clementine and provide an extensive tour of her in this video.

When they got her, Clementine had a good-looking exterior for the vehicle’s age, but the interior was straight out of the 1970s. Even worse, there was mold and rotted wood hidden beneath the dated styling. The couple had to strip the cabin down to bare metal and rebuild it from there.

The interior now looks like a rustic cabin. There are cedar planks on the roof, pine cabinets, and vinyl flooring with the appearance of wood. The bed and couch have bright white upholstery. Plus, there are lots of windows to allow natural light inside. After spending time in Joshua Tree National Park, the couple got an appreciation for the desert and included some of these touches in their decorating.

The raised bed is directly above the van’s cab. The couple has stairs to climb into it. The space has windows on three sides and a fan in the roof, meaning there’s plenty of natural light up there.

The rear of the RV holds the kitchen. It includes a gas stove and the couple’s homemade cabinets. The blue paint is a nice contrast against the white and brown shades that dominate the rest of the interior.

The couple wanted a proper bathroom with a separate toilet and shower, and they were able to make it happen. Like much of the rest of the interior, the walls in the shower have wood paneling.

For power off the grid, there are three 120-amp-hour batteries. There are two 200-watt solar panels on the roof.

The exterior of Clementine looks original but has newly sealed seams to keep the vehicle watertight. The space formerly for the generator now holds a slide-out grill. Power comes from a new Chevrolet 350-cubic-inch (5.74-liter) V8.

The couple plans to install a custom radio and speaker system in the cab. Other than this, Clementine looks more than ready for many more years on the road.

Source: The Endless Adventure via YouTube

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