Paint Your 2022 Porsche Taycan Any Color You Like

Paint Your 2022 Porsche Taycan Any Color You Like


If you know Porsche, you know that it simply can’t let a good thing be. The automaker has to try and improve its near-perfect sports cars and excellent SUVs in some way. Sometimes those changes are quite small, but they make a difference anyway. Take, for example, the 2022 Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo wagon. Both get some new tech options and, for the first time on the Taycan, the option for literally any color your heart desires.

There are already a number of sweet hues to paint your Taycan in (and you can check them all out on the Porsche configurator). Most of the colors suit the car almost perfectly, but now you can have a Taycan in virtually any color you bring Porsche and ask it to copy. Paint To Sample (PTS), a program long associated with the 911 sports car, is being made available on the Taycan for 2022. Porsche aficionados know just how important PTS has become to Porsche lore in recent years, and seeing it expanded to the Taycan helps make the car just that much more special.

The color you’re seeing here is Rubystar—a Porsche fan favorite that was popularized in the 1990s. It has made a number of appearances as a PTS color from the famous 911 R to other, less rare models, like the 991.2 Targa. Other eye-catching colors like Acid Green—the same green Porsche uses to highlight its “e-hybrid” badging—is also available on the Taycan now. But don’t limit your imagination here. If you have the approximately $10,000 it costs to go PTS, you can have your Taycan in anything from Stoplight Yellow to Rosso Corsa. The sky is the limit here, folks.

Other neat additions to the Taycan for 2022 include remote park assist and Android Auto phone integration functionality (previously only Apple CarPlay was offered). Some small mechanical changes have been made to the Taycan as well. There is now a Turbo Charging Planner, which can heat the battery to a slightly higher temperature than before. This, in turn, means it takes less time for the battery to reach an optimal charge temperature and thereby reduces how long it takes to charge. It is a welcome change for Taycan owners on the go.

Order books for the 2022 Taycan open soon, so don’t forget to spend a little extra dough and get yourself a truly special PTS Taycan.

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