Peugeot e-208 gets more range and power for 2023

Peugeot e-208 gets more range and power for 2023


Peugeot has given the e-208 supermini the bigger battery from the upcoming e-308

Less than a year ago Peugeot upgraded the e-208 by giving it more range, now it’s gone even further by equipping a larger battery resulting in a maximum 248 miles of range. Peugeot says the updated e-208 will arrive in 2023.

While the new e-208 will share the same battery as its all-electric hatchback sibling, Peugeot is claiming the electric supermini will reach up to 248 miles on a charge (up from 225 miles), where the larger e-308 has a range “over 248 miles” according to the French brand. 

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The new battery is a 54kWh unit (51kWh usable) and with it comes a power boost from 136bhp to 156bhp. Torque remains the same at 260Nm. Peugeot hasn’t said what performance figures we can expect but a slightly quicker 0-62mph time than the outgoing model’s 8.1 seconds is on the cards. Peugeot claims that recharging the new e-208 from 20 to 80 per cent using a 100kW public charging point will take less than 25 minutes.

The key to the improved range, says Peugeot, is the new chemical composition used in the battery. This is also combined with a heat pump, humidity sensor, a new ratio in the gearbox and lower friction tyres. 

Visually, the new e-208 will look no different to the outgoing model. Inside we’ll see Peugeot’s i-Cockpit display, made up from a 10-inch central screen, driver’s screen and a small, flat-bottomed steering wheel. 

Peugeot hasn’t revealed pricing for the updated e-208, but we expect it will rise from the current car’s £30,195 starting price tag.

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