Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Exceed 40,000 YTD

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada Exceed 40,000 YTD


Tesla Model 3 is in the lead with an estimated one-third of the sales in the plug-in segment.

Canada is doing fine this year with more than 40,500 of confirmed or estimated plug-in electric car sales during the first nine months (up 22% year-over-year).

There shouldn’t be any problem with exceeding the full 2018 year (which was a record one) in October/November.

September itself wasn’t the best month as, according to the EV Sales Blog, sales amounted to 4,737 (down 11%), but the market share of 2.8% is noticeable. For comparison, the average market share YTD is 2.7%.

With new investments in the fast-charging infrastructure, and generally the progressing plug-in cars offered, we are expecting more good news in the near future.

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada – September 2019

Just like in the U.S., also in Canada, the plug-in market is dominated by the Tesla brand (38% share YTD) and Tesla Model 3 model (33% share YTD), although we don’t know precise numbers, as Tesla’s results are estimated.

One thing is sure, Model 3 shines not only among plug-ins, but also in the wider midsize class, which was also pointed out in EV Sales Blog’s report:

Other than that, the plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius Prime – 769 and 4,177 YTD and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 320 and 3,476 YTD are also doing fine.

Chevrolet Bolt EV (373 and 1,332 YTD) turns out to be the top all-electric model (#4 overall) aside from Tesla.

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