Police pull over 135 motorists in two days as part of ‘Operation Vanquish’ – how it works

Police pull over 135 motorists in two days as part of ‘Operation Vanquish’ – how it works


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Police in Lancashire have pulled over a huge amount of drivers this week as part of a new operation named “Vanquish”. They say it is a clampdown on dangerous driving on the county’s roads and aims to tackle crimes like using a phone at the wheel and car theft.

Ten cars were seized this week in Lancashire as part of the operation which saw 79 drivers pulled over on the first day alone.

Of those, nine were found to be over the limit for alcohol or under the influence of drugs.

Another 70 were punished for other offences such as driving without a licence, MOT or insurance, not wearing a seatbelt or driving on cloned plates.

Inspector Rob Conolly-Perch, of the Lancashire Police TacOps team, said: “We hope the figures from the first day send a clear message that if you are breaking the law on the road we will use all equipment and technology available to us to ensure you are caught.”

Officers also tracked down several stolen vehicles, the Lancashire Post reported, including one that had only been taken an hour previously.

A man was also stopped on the M6 with a large amount of drugs and arrested under suspicion of intent to supply.

Insp Rob Conolly-Perch added: “We obviously target this kind of criminality every day of every week – but this week in particular, we’re carrying out surge activity to tackle these issues.”

56 more motorists were stopped on the second day of the operation.

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A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “In the last 24 hours as #OpVanquish continues to clamp down on dangerous or criminal use of the roads, our officers have stopped a total of 56 people breaking the law in some way.

“Offences include eight people driving over the legal limit for alcohol or drugs, 17 people driving at excessive speed, 12 people not wearing a seatbelt and four people without a licence or who have been disqualified previously.”

Supt Damian Darcy of Lancashire Police said: “We appreciate that the majority of people are law-abiding and follow the rules but there is still a minority who do not.

“Over this next week we will be proactively targeting those who use the county’s road networks to commit crime, from dangerous driving to bringing drugs into our communities.”

He added: “We will be out and about stopping people and targeting those we are led to by community intelligence.

“We hope this sends a message that we will not tolerate those who commit criminal activity and that we are committed to making our streets safer for those who live and work in Lancashire.”

According to the Government website, “The police can stop a vehicle for any reason.

“If they ask you to stop, you should always pull over when it’s safe to do so. You’re breaking the law if you do not stop.”

It continues to say: “If you’re stopped, the police can ask to see your driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate.

“If you do not have these documents with you, you have seven days to take them to a police station. You’re breaking the law if you do not show the requested documents within seven days.

“The police can also give you an on-the-spot fixed penalty notice for many minor offences and make you take a breath test in certain circumstances.

“You can also have your vehicle seized if you’re stopped on suspicion of driving without insurance and for some other offences.”

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