Proton Iriz S1000 Concept – a special edition to celebrate Sepang 1,000 km race victory imagined

Proton Iriz S1000 Concept – a special edition to celebrate Sepang 1,000 km race victory imagined


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Many things (mostly cars) are shared in our group chat, but when this one surfaced I went WOW! I bet many of you would be impressed too, before wanting one yourselves. This is the Proton Iriz S1000 Concept, a special edition to celebrate the Iriz’s 2018 Sepang 1,000 km endurance race victory.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an actual or even concept car from Proton, but a rendering by Theophilus Chin. The theme is pretty clear here – the inspiration is a race car’s win, so this Iriz has been done up to be as sporty as it can be.

While it’s based on the latest 2019 Iriz facelift, Theo has swapped out that car’s “Ethereal Bow” grille with full-width chrome wings for the 2019 Persona facelift‘s more conventional grille, with full “Infinite Weave” mesh. The chrome trim on the “eyebrows” of the lights and the base of the grille have been blacked out – it’s all in matte black.

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The lower bumper is from the standard Iriz (which by the way, is not shared with its sedan sister) but with the LED daytime running light strips removed. Of the two new faces, I prefer the Persona’s, so this grille-swapped Iriz face is ideal for me – how about you?

Grille aside, the rest are all add-ons. There’s a front splitter with quite a unique design – besides the usual “flags” at the sides, this one has vertical “horns” that integrate with the side air intakes, making it more prominent. It’s finished in carbon and has little red vents on each side as accents – this is repeated on the side skirts. The brake calipers have some red on them, too.

On the profile, Theo has added wider front fenders, and the extra width is on display via two vents – one sits where the front wing meets the bonnet (base of the A pillars), while the other is a long vertical strip (border with the front doors) visible from the rear three quarters, like the FK8 Honda Civic Type R. The Iriz S1000 sits nice and low on larger multi-spoke alloys finished in black. The wing mirror caps are also in black.

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The rear end of the 2019 Iriz is already bold and aggressive, thanks to the new black bridge between the vertical tail lamps, with Proton script. The hatchback you can buy comes with a fairly prominent rear wing for a stock car, but this has been super-sized by Theo for a race car look. The elaborate two-tier wing also comes with a triangle “F1-style” third brake light.

That mad wing isn’t even the most elaborate appendage on the Iriz S1000 Concept; that’s the rear bumper, which design looks like a result of Lamborghini’s wind tunnel.

The diffuser looks like many pieces of carbon stacked on each other, but it references the front item (vertical horns, side flags) and neatly houses the two exhaust tips. The latter is finished in black to match the dark lower body of the car (the stock Iriz has no visible tail pipes, by the way).

A nice finisher is the “S1000” etched on the front wings, apparent on the blue and green cars you see here. The green one also has yellow bodykit accents to replace the red, and additional yellow decals (or is it gold?) on the bonnet, lower sides and rear hatch. Proton introduced a new Iriz emblem for the facelift with an emphasis on the “R” – this S1000 Concept wears that red “R” with pride (not just on the front grille, see blue and green cars) and full race gear.

Our render-master imagined the Iriz S1000 Concept with improved performance, either from a Geely 1.5 litre turbo (174 hp/255 Nm) with dual-clutch auto combo (as per the Geely Binyue a.k.a. upcoming Proton X50), or Proton’s own 1.3 litre turbo (140 hp/190 Nm) with six-speed manual pairing, as shown in prototype form back in 2015. The stock Iriz makes 109 PS/150 Nm from its 1.6L NA engine, paired with a CVT.

Just imagine the turbo power while looking at these images. Nice, right? Now, if only Proton would…

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