Renault Megane RS Trophy Special Edition To Debut At Tokyo Auto Salon, Likely The Last RS

Renault Megane RS Trophy Special Edition To Debut At Tokyo Auto Salon, Likely The Last RS


Since the Megane was introduced back in 1995, Renault has used the moniker for a variety of compact models. There have been hatchbacks, wagons, sedans, and even convertibles with fabric and metal roofs. Fans of the French brand will also remember the Megane Scenic minivan, while the latest take on the popular nameplate is an electric SUV. Of all the derivatives, the RS has been by far the most exciting. In 2023, it’ll be retired.

Renault Japan has announced a limited-run Megane RS Trophy will break cover at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week. The company with the diamond logo doesn’t go into any details about the hot hatch, but it could effectively be the last Renaultsport-badged model ever. In 2021, Renault Sport changed its name to Alpine Cars. The writing is on the wall for the Megane RS as an exec from the company’s Australian branch has already announced the production run will come to an end in late 2023.

2021 Renault Megane RS Trophy

As for the TAS-bound special edition, rumor has it the car is called “Megane RS Ultime” to signal it’s the last hurrah for the iconic VW Golf GTI rival. However, the car’s name is not officially known at this point. It’s not expected to be as radical as the Trophy-R since the changes are believed to be only cosmetical. The turbocharged 1.8-liter gasoline engine shared with the Alpine A110 is likely to make an identical 296 horsepower and 310 pound-feet (420 Newton-meters) of torque delivered to the front axle via a dual-clutch, six-speed automatic transmission.

The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon is scheduled to take place January 13-15 at the Makuhari Messe convention center. Production of the Megane RS Ultime will be limited and we’re expecting an asking price of over €50,000 at home in France where the regular model retails from €44,650.

The Megane lineup of cars Europeans grew up with is on its deathbed as Renault will sooner or later discontinue the ICE-powered models and sell only the Megane E-Tech electric crossover. Ford will be doing the same with its Focus considering a decision has already been made to end production in 2025. With Stellantis going purely electric in Europe by the end of the decade, it means the clock is ticking for the gasoline-fueled Opel Astra and Peugeot 308.

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