Rivian Takes Earliest Preorder Holders For R1T Test Drives

Rivian Takes Earliest Preorder Holders For R1T Test Drives


They were able not only to check the vehicle in person but also try it on a gravel road and off-road.

Rivian has recently invited a group of early preorder holders to its plant in Normal, Illinois for an overview and first test drives of the R1T electric pickup.

The customers were able to find out how does it feel to drive an R1T, including during an acceleration and handling test, along with a little bit of off-roading.

According to the video, the group was quite impressed with the R1T’s capabilities. Let’s not forget that this vehicle was designed for adventures.

Currently, the first customer deliveries of the R1T are expected in September (the R1S to follow later in the fall). Despite delays, it appears to us that the R1T will be the first modern all-electric pickup on the market, followed by the GMC Hummer EV pickup in late 2021.

The launch versions of the Rivian vehicles will have a range of 300+ miles (483+ km). At a later point, a 400+ miles (644+ km) version and a more affordable 250+ miles (402+ km) version should also launch. The cylindrical batteries (2170 type) are supplied by Samsung SDI.

The Rivians stands out by their quad motor powertrain with torque vectoring for each wheel that vastly improves driving at speeds and during off-road use, while also enabling fancy things like the Tank Turn.


Meanwhile, the company announced that all R1T and R1S vehicles will get the Air Compressor Accessory Kit as standard, which is obviously positive news.

Once production and deliveries begin, Rivian will probably start the expansion process—there’s a rumored new plant in the U.S. and maybe another one in Europe. Rivian’s total funding exceeds $10 billion.

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