Rumor: Nissan's Retiring Plant In Spain To Become A 'Battery Hub'

Rumor: Nissan's Retiring Plant In Spain To Become A 'Battery Hub'


There is an option that someone will acquire it and turn it into a battery manufacturing and/or recycling plant.

Spain is considering multiple scenarios for Nissan’s main car plant in Barcelona, which is expected to close in December. The facility stands on publicly owned land.

According to Reuters, one of the options is to convert the plant into a battery production facility for electric vehicles.

The government intends to save as many jobs as possible. Nissan was employing, in three of its plants in the area, around 3,000 people directly, and another 20,000 indirectly. The shutdown was already extended by a year, so there is not much time left to pick up new investors.

According to the article, there are “many companies” interested in the plant and a “Battery Hub” for production and/or recycling EV batteries is one of the ideas.

“The regional government of Catalonia, where Barcelona is located, is backing a project to build a battery production and recycling plant in the region. The so-called Battery Hub project is seeking 6.8 billion euros ($8.25 billion) from Spain’s 140 billion euro share of the EU’s COVID-19 pandemic aid and will only go ahead if it secures the funding.”

SEAT (part of the Volkswagen Group) was pointed out as a possible customer for the battery cells from the plant.

The list of interested parties reportedly includes Schneider Electric and LG Chem’s LG Energy Solution.


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