Smart Plug-In Buys: Bolt EV, And 500e Among The Best Offers In June

Smart Plug-In Buys: Bolt EV, And 500e Among The Best Offers In June


CarsDirect has ranked the best EV and PHEV deals on you can find at dealers in June.

It is no secret that most plug-ins have a higher starting MSRP than an equivalent ICE vehicle. But don’t let that fool you. Electric Vehicle and Plug-In Hybrids can save owners thousands over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Lower fuel and maintenance costs play a big part in this. The other obvious financial benefit is the fact that many state and federal incentives exist for purchasing a plug-in vehicle. But those aren’t the only money saving benefits. Dealer and manufacturer incentives can take thousands off of the price of an EV. Especially for those living in a CARB state.

For anyone looking to add an EV to their personal fleet, CarsDirect has gathered together the best green vehicle buys in the United States for June:

2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet is currently offering a discount of 16% off every trim of the Bolt EV. This is a pretty significant savings, besting the 15% offer we saw back in April and is worth up to $6,997.

This deal is technically down from May, where there was a mix of different offers that could potentially result in buyers getting as much as $8,500 off of their purchase. But not everyone qualified for those savings last month. This month, the 16% off is available nationwide.

2019 Honda Clarity Electric

The Honda Clarity Electric continues to have a great lease offer with an effective cost of only $249/month. But as we’ve mentioned before, it is a compliance car with limited range (89 miles) and limited availability.

Very few electric vehicles are as scarce as the Clarity Electric. Even in California. InsideEVs‘ inventory tracking of the Clarity Electric rarely returns more than 20 units available at dealers. 

Assuming you can find the car and the short driving range doesn’t turn you off, it could be a great commuter. But don’t get too attached to the Clarity Electric. It is only available for lease and Honda will not allow you to purchase it. 

2019 Fiat 500e

Like the Honda Clarity Electric, the Fiat 500e is a compliance car with limited availability and a short driving range. But it does have a somewhat attractive lease deal at an effective cost of $283/month, slightly more than the Clarity Electric. 

With a short range and small size, the 500e isn’t for everyone. But it is a cute car that is cheap to own. Yes that’s right, you can even purchase it if you want to. (Hear that, Honda?) 

2019 Toyota Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime is still available with the same lease as the standard Prius in Southern California. This makes for an effective cost of only $355 a month. Once a buyer takes into account the federal and state rebates, the Prius Prime can end up being cheaper to lease than a standard Prius. 

As with last month, keep in mind that the 2020 model will make some major improvements. For buyers, the new model year could be worth waiting for. Or if the updates don’t impress you, offers on the 2019 might be even stronger in a few months. 

2019 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid

The Kia Niro PHEV LX continues to have an effective cost of only $332 / month. Kia Incentives on the Niro PHEV vary by trim. In June, the LX is eligible for $4,543 lease cash, while the EX gets $5,543 and the EX Premium is at $5,643. These incentives seem to be nationwide, although model availability is sill limited to a handful of states. 

For their full list of EV and PHEV lease deals, check out the link below.

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