Supercar "Batcave" Features Movie Tribute Cars, Arcade Games, And More

Supercar "Batcave" Features Movie Tribute Cars, Arcade Games, And More


What’s in your garage? Maybe a car or two, a motorcycle, and then some essential tools and items to employ good DIY maintenance for your car. For most of us, that’s the norm but fortunate one-percenters have a different idea about a garage.

The Kapow Racing Batcave is an example of an exceptional take on a carport. The massive establishment houses a private collection that features a sizable number of collectible supercars, bespoke artworks, and more. This ultimate garage’s owner is understandably undisclosed except that he’s a friend of Tim Burton, otherwise known as Shmee.

Of note, this extraordinary collection is the Kapow Racing headquarters. which, after a quick search, appears to be located in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can’t just pop in and visit the place, though. In fact, cameras, cell phones, and videos are supposedly not allowed inside the area, which makes this Shmee feature an exclusive feature.

The Batcave has a three-stack BendPak car lift that spans up to eight columns, while a huge wall of customized artwork faces it. The artwork represents the cars present within the collection, such as a matched pair of Heritage Ford GTs and the Chevy Corvette C8 that took part in Gumball 3000 from Toronto to Miami.

According to Burton, a number of notable halo movie cars are missing in this collection, such as an Aston Martin DB5, a DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future movie franchise, and an original Batmobile.

The Kapow Racing Batcave doesn’t only feature more than a handful of special cars. It also has a number of arcade games and pinball machines, presented in a cozy-looking space with well-thought-out lighting and design.

Burton’s video tour above should give you a deeper look. As always, let us know your thoughts below.

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