Tesla Cybertruck Widebody Rendering Stretches The Concept Further

Tesla Cybertruck Widebody Rendering Stretches The Concept Further


That looks pretty neat.

Another day, another Tesla Cybertruck rendering. Can’t say we’re not pleased – it’s actually refreshing to see different takes on the newest Tesla’s radical design. Some channeled their creativity through memes while some took it a bit overboard by adding a popular combustion engine into the Cybertruck’s bed.

Several visual artists have done their fair share of trying, but this one from Jonsibal on Facebook should go home with the title of being the best Cybertruck redesign. Just take a gander at the embedded Facebook post below.

Just when we thought the Cybertruck will never look good, this rendering might have actually solved the styling issues of the electric truck. With body panels that have a different texture, the Cybertruck was given a classier metallic appeal. The wide fender flares also gave the truck a bit more character and better proportions, too.

However, we can’t help but criticize the lowered stance of this rendering. Sure, it now looks like a supercar, especially with the spoiler added at the back and the nicer wheels but at the end of the day, it does lose its essence as a pickup truck.

In any case, it’s a good take on the Cybertruck, albeit it should be given a different name since it isn’t a truck anymore.

The birth of the Cybertruck garnered different reactions from people. Many were appalled while some embraced the unique styling of the electric truck. We still have a long way to go before we see the production-spec Cybertruck, which is expected to start deliveries of the entry-level models by late 2021. By then, we’ll see if Tesla will push through with this radical styling.

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