‘Vitally important’: Drivers could save hundreds on fuel and car tax with simple service

‘Vitally important’: Drivers could save hundreds on fuel and car tax with simple service


DVLA explain how to pay vehicle tax by Direct Debit

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Each year around 3.4 million vehicles are declared as being “off the road” – sometimes for just a few months at a time. Oftentimes, drivers choose to SORN their vehicle because they want to experiment how to manage without it, or even to save money for some time.

A SORN means drivers can keep your car off the road without paying tax or insurance, so they can save money on more than just fuel.

Road users might even get a partial tax and insurance refund if they paid upfront for them.

With the recent issues of petrol shortages, it is believed some drivers made the decision to SORN their vehicle temporarily.

A two-car household making fewer separate journeys could make a SORN for just one vehicle during the fuel crisis.

By doing this, they would then only have one tank of fuel to worry about.

The Government website outlines how drivers can take their vehicle off the road.

It says: “Telling DVLA of a SORN for a vehicle is simple and automatically generates a refund of any full months of vehicle tax remaining.

“Anyone who wants to start using the vehicle on the road again must tax it before they use it.

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“The easiest and quickest way is to tax it online – it only takes a few minutes and the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Drivers who did SORN their vehicle during the fuel crisis, would have saved money, both on fuel costs and other transportation costs.

If drivers are experiencing temporary financial difficulties on top of the fuel crisis, a SORN is one way to survive without taking the drastic step of selling your car.

This may also be used when people don’t have the immediate funds for repairs.

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